The Fledge

In the three years since our formation, The Fledge helped over 50 companies and over 400 individuals explore their ideas and enterprises and assisted most of them in creating income pursing their dream… pursuing their happiness.

-Intellectual, hands on, or creative: offering space with computers, monitors and various software capabilities; office space; a technology and electrical tinkering room; and a mechanical maker space which currently includes an Xcarve machine, a 3D printer, sewing machines, an ink printing press, and a table saw.

-Artist begin, continue, and finish projects: space for painting, screen printing, drawing, writing, recording music, mixing music, performing and gardening. 

Influencing Culture: culture is the manifestations of collective human achievement, usually exemplified via history and story telling, observable belief and value systems, the arts, and technology developed and used. The culture of The Fledge—the story, value system, the arts and technology—is ultimately a culture of inclusiveness.