Business Development, Logo and Website Design

Our business development model focuses on creating practical and efficient bylaws and standard operating procedures that make your organization or business run smoothly and efficiently. This includes standard branding guidelines and logo and website design support. We have many options for social movements, nonprofits, and small businesses alike.

Strategic Planning, M&E, and Theory of Change

Strategic planning is key to any social movement or business and generally involves setting strategic goals, determining actions to achieve those goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions. How does an organization know if it reached its goals? Monitoring and Evaluation practices and procedures provide empirical evidence that goals are being obtained and resources are being managed efficiently. Our consultants guide you step-by-step through this process, help to draft documentation, and teach you how to do it yourselves.

Nonprofit Startup, Financial Planning and Management

Starting your own nonprofit can be stressful. We know. We’ve did it before. Let our consultants guide you through the processes. We can help you develop a mission statement, bylaws, register and understand IRS-Tax procedure, create financial planning and nonprofit management templates, and set up a board of directors.

Organizing Tools & Training

There are so many tools out there for organizing your nonprofit or business. Believe us, we’ve tested them all. To help organizations find free and inexpensive alternatives to costly products, we have developed easy to use guidelines and tutorials for array of online platforms. If you have a technological need, likely there’s a free application out there for you. We will help you find these applications and provide training to your volunteers and staff.

Group Dynamics and Diversity Training

Working in groups can be challenging. We offer hands-on training and workshops of varying lengths on dialogue, conflict transformation, and community outreach. We help to develop skills for acting supervisors, trainers, and volunteers that help groups move towards a more democratic and just practice of dialogue and mobilization.

Empirical Research, Survey Design and Spatial Analysis

Our trained researchers specialize in an array of methods and methodologies for conducting empirical research and can assist with training and/or implementation of any project from start to finish. Our research methods include: descriptive/qualitative (ethnographic/case study), descriptive quantitative, survey and interviews, correlational/regression analyses, and meta-analyses, usability analysis, and spatial analysis.