Progressive Pricing Model

OT-Consultancy Group measures, customizes, and charges for services—in real time—based on your organization’s potential social impact and actual economic value.

This innovative approach—embedded in the sharing economy—scales prices up or down on the basis of the value an individual customer derives. The levels of prices under progressive pricing are value-based, not necessarily means-based.Progressive pricing stretches familiar ideas on price optimization and yield management, creating a win-win that helps organizations strengthen and support one another.

The key element to our unique progressive price model is a value-sharing algorithm that dynamically sets prices specific to the value an individual organization based on the number of paid employees, revenue, type of organization, and potential social, economic, and environmental impact.

Instead of optimizing a small number of price points, OT-Consultancy optimizes a continuum of prices. Progressive pricing enables that differentiation by pushing the logic of discrete price points to its practical limit, offering each customer a fair, personalized product and price point.

Companies fuel innovation by expanding their markets at higher profitability and nonprofits ensure that future entrepreneurs are able to harness their social capital to the fullest, both enjoying an ever-expanding value surplus.