Graphics on Prison Reform

Total Re-Entry

At OrganizingTogether, we believe in second, sometimes even third, chances. We also value restorative justice and rehabilitation. In an effort to support returning citizens from jail and prison, we have partnered with Power in Passion.

Power in Passion is a Total Reentry Solution. Our objective is to reduce the number of technical violations that parolees and probationers encounter therefore improving the success rate of returning citizens and eradicating the “revolving door” to jail and prison that probation and parole currently create. Power in Passion does this through our app, advocacy, incentivizing positive behavior through gamification, an abundance of direct resources, and user accessibility.

Power in Passion App

OrganizingTogether helps Power in Passion find and map organizations. We are also focused on building pathways for communication between for-profit businesses and nonprofits seeking to support our returning family, neighbors, and friends.

Find the Power in Passion App here

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