Radical Inclusion

Our goal is to build radically inclusive institutions and public spaces within our communities. This means eliminating prejudice and hate. We have partnered with The Fledge to help support its mission for inclusivity.

OrganizingTogether is working on multiple collaborative efforts with The Fledge including providing grant writing support for radical projects, one-on-one consulting for startups and nonprofits, and weekly workshops.

“The Fledge is value driven. We value ourselves, each other and our environment. We value a diverse community filled with gifts. We are radically inclusive striving to allow everyone to pursue their own happiness. We work hard to have a zero barrier to entry. We want you to come to the Fledge with all the gifts you have to offer the community, and we want to make available to you all of the gifts our community has. We thrive on diversity, we thrive on synchronicity, and we thrive on our many symbiotic relationships.”

-Jerry Norris, Founder of The Fledge
The Fledge is located at 1300 Eureka St, Lansing, MI 48912
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