Building a New Type of Economy

OrganizingTogether (OT) Consultancy Group
is an organizational development collective founded on the principles of experiential learning and participatory decision-making. Our mission is to help organizations scale and create more resilient communities through collaborative capacity building. 

We support individuals and groups in creating for-profit and nonprofit organizations that solve social, economic, and environmental problems through knowledge sharing, technology, and alternative solutions.

OT-Consultants specialize in organizational management, grant writing and management, technical development, decision support tools, mediation and negotiation, website design and branding, empirical research design, and computer science.

OT-Consultants offer services through workshops, one-on-one training and online sessions, and direct implementation while OT-Consultancy Group manages their portfolios, including marketing, invoicing, and reporting.

Our OT-Consultants specialize in…

  • Business Development, Logo and Website Design
  • Strategic Planning, M&E, and Theory of Change
  • Organizational Start, Financial Planning and Management
  • Organizing Software & Training
  • Group Dynamics and Diversity Training
  • Mediation and Negotiation
  • Empirical Research, Survey Design and Spatial Analysis
  • Computer Science and Programming