OT Consultancy Group values partnerships with organizations and small businesses that share our mission. Our goal is to strengthen service provision and build resilient communities. To do this, we must work together.


The OrganizeTogether platform provides the resources and support that volunteer and membership-driven organizations need to succeed. On a high level, our platform offers:

Event planning: automate redundant
tasks like confirmations and plan
around member schedules.

Actionable insights: custom data
fields and response rate metrics help
you make smart decisions fast.

Clean data: our customizable sign-in
sheet links right to your database,
saving you the effort of deduping
your lists.

The Fledge

In the three years since our formation, The Fledge helped over 50 companies and over 400 individuals explore their ideas and enterprises and assisted most of them in creating income pursing their dream… pursuing their happiness.

-Intellectual, hands on, or creative: offering space with computers, monitors and various software capabilities; office space; a technology and electrical tinkering room; and a mechanical maker space which currently includes an Xcarve machine, a 3D printer, sewing machines, an ink printing press, and a table saw.

-Artist begin, continue, and finish projects: space for painting, screen printing, drawing, writing, recording music, mixing music, performing and gardening. 

Influencing Culture: culture is the manifestations of collective human achievement, usually exemplified via history and story telling, observable belief and value systems, the arts, and technology developed and used. The culture of The Fledge—the story, value system, the arts and technology—is ultimately a culture of inclusiveness. 

Giving Jar

Online shopping continues to grow year after year.
The Giving Jar browser add-on offers people opportunities to donate to their favorite nonprofit each time they buy something online. With the free add-on you can:

  • Discover: Learn about and pick from a growing list of nonprofits
  • Decide: Donations made with Giving Jar will go to the charity of your choice

Donate: Buy something online and Giving Jar will prompt you to donate

Giving Jar in the News:
Giving Jar Blog


TämBwoy Branding and Marketing provides resources and services to help you take your basketball program to the next level! From developing a social media marketing plan to creating flyers for your upcoming season, training sessions, camps or tournaments, TämBwoy Branding and Marketing will maximize your engagement with athletes in your community and around the world.

TämBwoy Branding and Marketing offers:

  • tutorial videos
  • downloadable guides
  • content management services

Power in Passion

Power in Passion is a Total Reentry Solution. Our objective is to reduce the number of technical violations that parolees and probationers encounter therefore improving the success rate of returning citizens and eradicating the “revolving door” to jail and prison that probation and parole currently create.

We do this through our app, advocacy, incentivizing positive behavior through gamification, an abundance of direct resources, and user accessibility.


Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content. It is available on web and mobile, and integrates millions of images, fonts, templates and illustrations.

Users can choose from many professional designed templates, and edit the designs and upload their own photos through a drag and drop interface. The platform is free to use, and paid subscriptions like Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise offer additional functionality. Users can also pay for physical products to be printed and shipped.

Lyons Link

Our mission is to provide real legitimate value, to those who are looking to take their business to the next level.

We offer a wide range of services for businesses looking to grow their business, individuals interested in starting up a business, or individuals interested in remote based opportunities.

Weather you need call scripts or phone prospecting tips, to having a professional Inside Sales Agent directly advertise/market on your behalf, from database clean up and upkeep, to prospecting on your newly purchased leads. 

Lyons Lynk is partnered with OT Consultancy Group to help with lead creation for all our consultants. We recommend their services to our clients as OT Consultancy does not offer these services.