Join our Team

Do you have skills in program management or online marketing? Can your skills be used to scale ideas from the local to global? OT-Consultancy Group is looking for individuals with skills in organizational management s, marketing and public relations, software development and web design to help recreate your local community.

Are you sick of traveling as a consultant?

Join our OrganizingTogether Network means you can reach your clients from anywhere. Together, we can reduce the amount of CO2 emissions and still help strengthen organizations and build resilient communities through collaboration.

OrganizingTogether Network uses geolocation to connect and foster relationships between for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental organizations. Our team of OT-Consultants answer questions, facilitate strategic planning sessions, evaluate campaigns and programs.

Benefits of joining our network include instant access to experts in scaling organizations, articles and posts about various themes in business and nonprofit development, governance, best practices, and management software. Members receive instant updates on local community and entrepreneurial events. Get connected with thought leaders in your area and ask questions. Receive an additional 50% of online courses that are dedicated to scaling your organization.

As an OT-Consultant

You become a part of a team of social entrepreneurs whose mission is to strengthen and build more resilient communities. OT-Consultants will receive guidance on marketing and content creation, and access to our online courses creation platform. OrganizingTogether Consultancy Group handles invoicing and reporting. Not interested in marketing yourself? Let us help you for an additional fee.

To become a consultant, send a cover letter and resume to