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Giving Jar helps you discover #LoveLansing charities and makes it easy to donate to them when you shop online.


OT-Consultancy Group has partnered with the Giving Jar and The Fledge Foundation to make donations for OT Services to local nonprofits easy. After every purchase, The Giving Jar will remind you to send a donation to The Fledge Foundation’s Organizing Together Fund.

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How To: Register Your Organization

Get 100% of every PayPal donation and open up new ways to raise funds online.

STEP 1: PayPal Giving Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization that allows registered nonprofits to receive 100% of every donation received through their donation page or one of their partner programs such as eBay for Charity, Humble Bundle, or GoFundMe. See these instructions to register.

STEP 2: Email the Giving Jar and include the Name of the Organization and your EIN.

STEP 3: Share Giving Jar on Social Media, Staff, Volunteers, and Family.