Copy Editing

Michael J. Cole is a Ph.D. Candidate in Global Governance and Human Security. He’s the managing editor for Global Governance.

From websites to text books, we have a copy editor for that.

Proofreading is the lightest level of editing that we offer, it is suitable for those who wish to have a final check of their manuscript before it is submitted for publication. Copy Editing requires more involvement as we look at your writing style, sentence flow and structure, word repetition and overall manuscript structure


Editing TiersDescriptionRange of Fees*
Tier 1: 
Service includes spell-check and grammatical support for clarity and flow. Does not include style formatting.$.020/wd or 
$20 per 1,000 words
Tier 2: 
Basic Copy-Editing
Service includes basic improvements to diction and sentence structure, grammar, flow and clarity. Includes style formatting.$.025/wd or 
$25 per 1,000 words
Tier 3: 
Our advanced package entails in-depth improvements to language usage, organization/structure, phrasing, tone/voice, style formatting and guideline adherence. Includes content development and feedback.$.032/wd or 
$32 per 1,000 words
ind pg = indexable page, pg = page, hr = hour, wd = word

Other Editing Services

ServicesDescriptionRange of Fees*
ResearchService includes relevant data/information collection, coding, and analysis$50-75/hr
Fact CheckingService entails a meticulous examination of data/information/facts to confirm accuracy, and amend as appropriate$45/hr
IndexingService entails an iterated process of compiling and organizing main, nested, and cross-referenced entries (also known as locators), assigning page numbers, and adhering to publishing guidelines$5.50-$10/ind pg
TranscriptionService includes translating live or recorded audio and/or video media into long-form text, as well as reviewing and finalizing written transcription.$2.50-$5/audio minute
Website Editing/DesignServices range from simple content editing to coding, graphic and layout design, search engine optimization and analytics reporting$40-$75/hr
*The range of fees listed here are estimates. The final cost(s) of services are assessed during the free, initial consultation and may vary depending on several factors (e.g., document type, length, and project deadline). There is a minimum service fee of $75 for all projects (which includes editing for the first 1,000 words)