The Cannabis industry has a unique
responsibility in social and racial equity.

The murder of George Floyd has amplified and renewed conversations about race relations in
the United States. While the cannabis industry has been discussing social equity since long
before the current unrest, there has not been comprehensive social justice in the cannabis
industry. Due to the injustices of criminalization, cannabis industry members have a unique
responsibility in correcting the wrongs of the War on Drugs that targeted people of color. 

Common barriers to entry in the cannabis industry include:

-High application fees-

-Excessive taxes-

-Compliance complexities-

-Supply constraints-

-High start-up costs-

-Exclusive contacts-

-High capital requirements-

To ensure that the cannabis industry is moving towards an Equitable Cannabis Culture (ECC),
OrganizingTogether provides services that help cannabis companies scale by effectively
managing their community footprint through ethical and mutually beneficial community
relationships, the expansion of policy and political messaging, and the creation of various not
for profit organizations. 

Standard Business Development

  • Strategic Planning
  • Formation of LLC, Corporation, Foundations, and Political Advocacy Groups 501(c)4 and PACs
  • HR and SOPs 
  • Marketing 
  • Compliance

Community outreach and program development

  • Scholarship Programs/Talent Pipelines
  • Work Opportunity Programs for Returning Citizens and Veterans
  • Decriminalization and Release Advocacy
  • Third Party Community Mediation

Campaign and Advocacy Management

  • Messaging/Storytelling Advising 
  • Campaign Ads and Digital Outreach/Websites
  • Campaign Advising and Physical Management

Our third party services provide transparency between the cannabis industry and our communities. We help ensure that money is put back into the community in a meaningful way. We take a restorative justice approach that focuses on those most harmed by the criminalization of cannabis.

Charla M. Burnett, CEO of OrganizingTogether

Let’s right the wrongs together!